Pink/Blue Bag Project


October 31, 2014 – The 250 pink and 10 blue bags will be delivered to the 5th floor Memorial where the patients will be offered a bag.

October 19, 2014 – Official Launch of the Pink/Blue Bag Project!  Thank you to our caring community: 2nd Avenue Home Hardware, Eastlink, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company, King Sportswear, Lopes, Nature’s Aid, Sudbury Sports Magazine, Total Personnel Services/NATT, Trade Secrets and Wig Boutique for your generous donations.  Together we can make a difference in a patient’s life the day they are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

July 5, 2014 – Final review with the Northeast Cancer Centre, hope to get the green light in October to launch the new pink & blue bags to Breast Cancer Patients.

May 1, 2014 – New powerful pink bags have been donated by 2nd Avenue Home Hardware. Feel good products are being donated by companies throughout our community  for the 250 woman who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Sudbury this year.  Another meeting is scheduled shortly with the Northeast Cancer Centre. Stay tuned!

March 20, 2014 – I met with Tannys Laughren to review the Pink Bag project.

September 17, 2013   Kimberley, The re-design and upgrade proposed for the Pink Bag has been well received in discussions with our partner programs.  Due to the sensitive nature of advising a patient she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the Breast Screening and Assessment Service (BSAS), going forward, will provide women with a folder of general information and pamphlets.  We agree that there has been duplication of information and content provided to patients and this has been streamlined for appropriateness.  The new Pink Bag project is an excellent feel good tool for delivery to women before their treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre.  Tannys Laughren, Director of the Northern Cancer Foundation, is very interested in working with you and the Circle of Strength group to ensure delivery.

July 8, 2013   Hi Kimberley,  Thank you very much for your email concerning the pink bag initiative.  We were looking at amending or eliminating some processes that were implemented years ago, and one of them was the pink bag initiative. Summer months are always a difficult time to manage some changes due to staff being off on vacation. Management will re-group in September to refine and remodel some of our current practices. The Sudbury Breast Cancer Assessment Clinic.

 The Pink Bag Project:  Submitted June 21.  My name is Kimberley Wahamaa, and I am 47 years old. On June 6, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I received the news at the Breast Cancer Assessment Clinic at the Memorial Hospital, 5th Floor. When the diagnosis is completed, the patient is given a pink bag. These bags have been given to breast cancer patients for over 10 years. This bag is filled with clinical literature, a pillow and a poem on cloud paper. The bright pink bag is about 12 X 12, the shoulder strap doesn’t fit over your shoulder. I can appreciate that church groups and craft guilds have been sewing the bags and pillows for the Circle of Strength group, for this cause. However, I would like to propose that a new modern bag be considered with some feel good products in it. The news of breast cancer, is devastating enough, but to be branded PINK as you walk out of the hospital – holding this bag, screamed out “Wow she must have Breast Cancer!!”…. The bag does not speak Confidence, Power, and Strength. I am in the media and event business and have received many bags of goodies over the years, some really nice bags, that are reusable and speak POWER. In doing a quick poll of some of my good friends, who have Breast Cancer – some of them had their husband carry the bag out of the hospital, and some of them threw out the pink bag. Here is a photo of the current bag, and a proposal of some feel good items. I have approached some companies who are willing to donate items for 200 bags a year. I believe together, we should modernize the PINK Bag project. If you are interested in donating products for this bag, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you for your consideration and support.  Here are some items I had suggested, a modern bag, a hat, candle, pillow, soap, journal, gift certificates, chocolates, coupons, map of Sudbury for out of town patients, tshirt, coffee/tea, suncreen, bottle of water, pen, Sudbury Living Magazine, hand sanitizer, kleenex, sunscreen and lip balm, nail polish, lipstick…  I welcome your feedback on the pink bag initiative. For 10 years this bag has been given out and no one has stepped forward.  Given that we are the receivers of this bag, I believe we should have a voice in what is given.  I will send these comments to the clinic for their review.