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I am diligent with my follow ups…

Hi Kimberley, I’m Stacy’s friend and I’m from South Florida.  Stacy’ shared your site with me.  Here is my story.  I had stage 1 breast cancer, diagosed March 2012, I was 58.  I had a painful lump that is how mine was discovered.   I had a lumpectomy by the end of March and April 24th was my first of 4 chemo treatments. I had estrogen position, HR2 neg, clear lymph nodes and clean margins. The reason why I needed chemo was because my oncotype # was 30, so the benefits of Chemo out weighed the side effects. Then I had 33 radiation treatments and now I’m on an Estrogen blocker … The last one of the four. I had side effects from the other three but so far side effects are minimal with this one. I had a great team of docs that all worked together. Today they say to call myself a survivor (cancer free) but never cured. I had only 2 lymph nodes removed.  The doctors didn’t like me to use my right arm for blood pressure or blood draws but if they can’t get blood from left side which has happened to me they have been able to use right arm with no lymphadema. After the surgery the doctor recommends that you wear a sports bra for a few days, no one told me, so I had a friend go out and buy one!  I have osteoporosis so they tried Tamoxifen first because that’s easiest on the bones but it flared up my IBS something awful. Then they put me on Arimidex and after 3-4 weeks I started having severe palpitations and thought I was losing my mind. My thoughts and what I was saying was all jumbled. My doctor said the side effects I have had from both of those were unusual but that’s me I always react different than most from medicine’s. Then the third one aromasin elevated my liver enzymes and gave me uncontrollable diarrhea. I’m now on Femara and I’m trying really hard to stay on it. My oncologist really wants me to. The thing that separates me from most is that I was a survivor of the worst kind even before cancer … So to me whatever cancer through at me was a cake walk. I must say though that I did fine even with being sick for three months thru chemo, losing my hair, walking around with scarfs or wigs (which I found quite uncomfortable ) or actually bald. I had no problem going out bald. The hard part was waiting for my hair to grow back to a decent length …. Lol of all the things to get upset about that’s what upset me. Also if u need chemo I do suggest cutting your hair short once it starts to fall out and shaving it. I think my hair grew in thicker and better because of it.Best of luck and please keep me posted on your progress, catching this at stage 1 is GREAT!!!!. All my doctors were females so that helped too.  There were I believe 26 full breast radiation treatments. Then seven localized to the area of my lumps. Oh yes I had 2 very find less then 2cm lumps right next to each other. Another reason why I was a candidate for chemo. They thought the lumps were connected but they weren’t. I’m due next week for my next mammo and this time I get an ultrasound with it. I am diligent with my follow ups.

Trust Your Bust.