Jennifer Faucher, diagnosed at 31

Like many young women, Cancer was the furthest thing from my mind, but when I found a lump on my breast in February of 2017, I knew something was amiss. I did inconsistent breast self- examinations at best, but I was familiar enough with my body to know this felt different. Several months later after having a series of medical tests, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer at the young age of 31. I firmly believe that early detection saves lives. My mission and vision is to educate and share awareness with as many people as I can. Breast cancer is not only a disease of middle aged or older woman. Becoming familiar with your body is key to detecting changes. I was fortunate that my cancer did not spread. Knowledge, awareness and early detection saves lives.  Join me and my team as we share our experiences, breast examination education, with the hope that the information may save your life one day.  Visit the TYB Events page to Pre-Register to hear Jennifer’s journey!



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